Building Brighter brings together the energy behind three powerful movements to solve some of our biggest problems today--homelessness, affordable housing, sustainability, and climate change.


Joining with a number of local organizations across the northeast, our goal is to end homelessness by 2030.


Through direct community relations and involving active community groups, both in the initial discussions and by inviting them to make up 20% of each Building Brighter community board, we hope to alleviate some of the fearful NIMBY and protectionist policies that could limit or block the placement of local, sustainable, tiny house communities.


As we build these sustainable, tiny home/ retro-fit apartment communities, we will discover and be able to deploy the latest in green building and sustainability technologies and systems, which will have practical applications across the housing spectrum. 


For example: 


  • The community garden and greenhouse practices will demonstrate different ways for Bostonians to grow their own food in an urban environment, whether they have a small plot of land or just some window boxes in an apartment.


  • The electricity, heating, and cooling practices that will allow these tiny homes to be off grid will spark the much-needed conversation about sustainable communities across the country.


  • These communities will beautify long-neglected lots and could inject micro-economy resurgence in areas that have remained economically stagnant for years.


It’s our vision to build a brighter world for ourselves, our neighbors, and for future generations.


We identify sustainable tiny living solutions for organizations and municipalities.