Homelessness is an epidemic in the United States. 


50,000 veterans are homeless

250,000 families with children are homeless


We can do better by Building Brighter.


Why is there a homeless problem in the USA?


Poverty and a lack of affordable housing are the leading causes of homelessness in the USA. Our neighbors, their children, and our vets deserve to live with dignity. 


Too many Americans have no place to sleep. Of the 567,715 who are homeless, one in two are unsheltered.


Traditional homeless shelters are not the ideal solution. 


Many homeless are so discouraged by unsanitary and unsafe shelters conditions that they choose the street. Shelters chronically run low on beds, and have operational policies that often hinder full-time employment


“the street is a better alternative”


According to a 2015 investigation by WCVB5 just last year, even homeless shelters exclusively for our military veterans were found to be unsanitary and unsafe to the extent that many feel the street is the better alternative.


10.9M people spend >50% of their income on rent


Housing insecurity due to the lack of affordable housing presents a precarious situation. According to a 2018 Harvard study, 10.9 million renters spend more than 50% of their income on rent.


By uniting to build sustainable, affordable, and safe


tiny home and micro-apartment communities 


...we can change the lives of those who are homeless. We can help our neighbors and families struggling to stay in traditional shelter. We can create an environment to engenders dignity and respect, the very conditions that create economic independence..


We're Building Brighter! Join us in solving homelessness.