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Sustainability at Building Brighter 


Sustainability is the collection of strategies employed by companies, organizations and individuals to minimize their environmental impact on future generations. Ecological concerns, such as the environmental impact of pollutants, are balanced with socio-economic concerns such as minimizing the consumption of limited natural resources to maintain their availability for the next generation.


Sustainability is now part of everyday consciousness. With the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), everyone is talking about a different way of operating. 


A Brighter Future


Among key leaders in business, government and civil society, there is growing consensus and certainty about the need for climate action and systemic responses to poverty, racism, inequality, resource scarcity. The conversation is no longer about the direction; it’s about the best way to achieve the goals as fast as possible.


Our commitment


Building Brighter, with the guidance of its sister, for-profit, public benefit company, ReVenture, works to ensure that every step in each project, along with every decision, action and material used in our communities, follows our overarching goal of producing sustainable living environments for our residents and communities. 


We strive to achieve the highest LEED rating and through our managing committee, partially made up of local resident leaders, we continually push forward, operationally, in the same manner.


From our individual tiny home designs to our retro-fitted micro-apartment projects, we use only sustainable materials while remaining focused on affordability. 


Join us


If you are a builder, designer, architect, or tradesperson, and you have a passion for building a future in exciting and innovative new ways, then please reach out to us and become a part of our network.

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